The Chairman

The Chairman leads the Board’s work, inside and outside of the Boardroom, with the aim of creating the best possible conditions for the organisation to deliver value. The Chairman is the co-ordinator and central point for the Board Members as well as the owners, the CEO, the management, auditors, key stakeholders.

Lately, the role of the Chairman has been strengthed, especially in th Nordic Corporate Governance model, as a way of distributing powers and increase transparency.  It is the Chairman’s responsibility that the work of the Board of Director’s is conducted in the best way possible.

As companies experience how the speed of change and the ever-increasing flow of information triggers demands and challenges, the need for professionalising the Board of Directors and the work of the Chairman has become clear.

The Chairman of the Board has a particular status within the Board, with a particular responsibility for the quality, efficiency and result of the Board’s work.