The Book “The New Role of the Chairman”


Board of Directors, in large as well as small organisations, face higher demands on its efficiency, in an ever more complex and fast moving business environment. The ability to adapt is of essence as well as the ability to actively contribute to the creation of value in the company.

Simultaneously, the Board of Directors’ corporate governance role is essential and its scrutiny vital.

The book “The Chairman’s New Role” gives you concrete advice and practical training tips on how to best develop the Board’s work, with the aim of gaining a competitive advantage for the company. Such a Board needs a Chairman who serves as a leader of the team and the Board of Directors and is also the coordinator of a range of other stakeholders in and around the company – a major shift away from the traditional Chairman role.

“The Chairman’s New Role” provides clear and concise support to Boards, primarily unlisted companies, who want to add value, thereby improving the company’s results and competitiveness.

The book is divided into three parts:

• The Chairman’s changing role

• The Chairman’s dilemmas

• The Chairman’s role in practice

The book is valuable for not only Chairmen but also owners, CEOs, board members and others involved in board work.