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We work with Advanced Board Development and Board Assignments. 

For the Board of Directors to be able to add significant value to the performance and worth of the business, it is essential that the knowledge about the business and commitment to the task of each Board Member is high. Of course, this demands more time and engagement than was traditionally needed in the Board room, and it also limits the number of Boards one individual is capable of committing to. Because  the degree of  commitment and engagement stands i direct correlation to how successful that particular Board will be in creating value for the organisation and its owners.

Therefore the Chairman is a key person in creating and developing commitment and engagement in the Board room, both for the short-term and long-term.  Read more here.

A Board of Directors will never be better than its Chairman

The work of a value-creating Board is by definition proactive. As in all management and decision-making  context, the work of the Board can be made more efficient through good planning and leadership (and consequently, hampering the business through bad planning and poor leadership). Fundamentally, the majority of time should (normally) be spent on the business and its strategies, but never in such a manner that the control of corporate governance is set aside.

The Board is a team, in and outside of the Board room. It is often a heterogenous team which quickly needs to get its act together in order to focus on the important tasks and questions, make decisions about the right resources for implementation. For the best of the company. This demands clear roles, a good leader (the Chairman) and a committed team.

This is what Agent A works with.

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