Director’s Profile

Skanör1   In general terms, a good Board Director often have:

  • General management experience
  • Business Sense
  • Basic knowledge of financial analysis and relativities
  • Moral courage and integrity
  • Have enough  time for the assignment (including some flexibility as the assignment at times may require more time och dedication)

Equally important is the Director’s approach and attitude.

Ideally all Directors:

  • Understand their role and responsibilities in relation to the formal legal demand and the contribution to the strategic direction and future.
  • Can read and analyse public financial reporting and quickly interpret the “business behind the numbers”.
  • Is well aware of the business overall position, using continuous reviews.
  • Contributes continuously.
  • Evaluates risks and opportunities continuously.
  • Critically examines decision support at crucial decisions.
  • Have the courage and integrity to make their voices heard on critical issues, even though the decision seems given/taken .
  • Maintains a positive spirit and a driven questioning with the company’s best as aims, and to provide the management with improved conditions for results.
  • Have the time of the task and flexibility for additional time use in extraordinary situations.