About Sophie Persson

Sophie Persson is today a professional Board Member and Board Trainer.

She has a thorough background as CEO and owner of different companies. Having worked in different industries, internationally as well as locally, as entrepreneur as well as employed CEO, in professional as well as voluntary Board assignments, she is today empowered with a broad and professional network, spanning all generations.

Upon graduation she formulated her goal as “Making a difference in realising human and financial potential in organisations” and it remains valid to this day.

Sophie stands for a leadership that is earned, not acquired through a specific title. You are passionate about your task and creating great conditions for yourself and others to excel in their jobs and tasks. Our main focus is to deliver results and HOW this is done, distinguishes good leaders from bad bosses. A good leader is courageous, and conquers his/her fears, to reach the goals.

Sophie loves doing business and deliver results. She points out:

”I believe in having a strategy, because with no sense of direction you are lost by definition. But strategy without implementation is a waste of time, so people are key; a good strategy/good results are delivered every day, by each and every one in the organisation. So delivering results boils down to people. Even the ones on the Board of Directors. ”

Sophie has a strong a dynamic leadership, dedication, commitment, documented results – and offers a good laugh now and then! With international experience, speaking several languages and working regards working with diverse people in high performing teams is her home turf. Add to this charisma, strategic capacity and implementation, a wide network and inherited curiosity – and you have a pretty good picture of who Sophie Persson is.

Today Sophie works in Board Assignments as a Professional Board Member as well as supporting other Owners and Boards on how to develop their Corporate Governance, Board work and recruiting the right Board members. Read more on Board Development here.

The Board room gives Sophie plenty of opportunities to use all of her acquired competencies and experiences. Leadership, Strategy, Business development, Industry knowledge, Team development, International Business, negotiations, etc…

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