Board Team Development

Board Team Development longAgent A’s offering within Board Team Development includes the following. (However, in most cases, we develop each particular Board’s own tailor-made approach based on the company’s situation and ambition:

Board Evaluation:

  • The work, co-operation and result of the Board is evaluated and the corresponding actions on what efficiency measures and improvements should be implemented are decided upon. Usually annual follow-up.

Formalia and structure, efficiency of meetings:

  • Thorough screening of the formalities and key documents in corporate governance, essential to every Board. Tips, tools and templates for applying, securing and make these more efficient. Basic structure and tools for effective meetings, with the aim of liberating time to focus on the essential, stratigic questions that create value for the company.

Planning and implementation:

  • The Board’s yearly plan, when do we focus on what, ideal conditions for strategic work and strategic planning, resources allocated for the Board, the co-operation of the team and the roles of the Board team.

Facilitation in Board Meetings:

  • Continuous support during meetings, running strategic workshops, and the like.

Individual coaching of the Chairman:

  • Regular meetings, based on needs.