About Board Training

In Agent A’s Board Training, you train board work in practice and solve different dilemmas. A good premise is that you have a basic knowledge of the regulations governing the Board assignment and/or that you have board experience. If you do not have it, you can educate yourself among others at Agent A (read more here) .

In board training the different dilemmas that board workers constantly encounters are focused on.

  • How should these be addressed?
  • How should I think?
  • How do I involve my board colleagues in a good way?
  • How do we manage our various profiles and still work effectively?
  • How do we ensure that we do not forget any angle or formalities?
  • During training you apply actively numerous practical tools that will help you create an effective board work.
  • What must be included in each ” board binder “? Key documents and templates.
  • Strategy and development process. How do we put up a good process, along with the owners and management?

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