In recent years, the work and the role of  Board of Directors in the development of business and results, have come to general attention. But the one thing that has been neglected, so far, is the growing importance (both legally and practically) of the Chairman’s role. This book focuses on the role of the Chairman, a deed that is gratefully welcomed by anyone interested in corporate governance.

Matts Kärreman, University of Economics, Lund University

PhD, Associate Professor

Department of Business Administration


The Chairman’s role might be as important as the role of CEO for the company’s development. Therefore, it is highly recommended that anyone who has ambitions in their Board work read this book. Many books on Board work have been written and published – but no clear, accessible, resultoriented and practical book about the important role of Chairman. Until now. Refer to this book as a manual for the development work of the Board of Directors and the company.

Håkan Meyer

Board professional and author


I have now read your new book and think it is really good. There is useful information for many to enjoy.

Suzanne Sandler

CEO, Styrelseakademin (Swedish Board Academy)



The book’s division into three parts is good and it’s clear that the book is written by someone with experience of the Chairman’s role. I think many will appreciate the book, and at last, there is a book to share with present and future “colleagues” in the role as Chairman.

Roger Larsson

Board Professional


Now I’ve read the book. It was madly inspiring and I’ve become even more convinced that I want to develop in this direction! It provided a good foundation, on many dimensions, both the Chairman’s responsibilities as well as the capacity to lead creative strategic development work. Add to this, some good checklists that I can use to evaluate future assignment. Excellent!

Daniel Larsson


In The New Role of the Chairman, you get a lot of concrete advice and tips on how you can best develop its work to create a competitive advantage for the company.

Peter Pettersson